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Welcome to Linen & Blooms. Linen & Blooms is an online marketplace that helps bring our buyers closer to living at their dream home. We offer exclusive items from local artists, local shops, vintage items.


Inspirations Friday

Recently I found this quote reading an article about a guy who started traveling the world with only $50 in his pocket.The article itself was so inspiring and so motivating… He just proved that we can do anything, if we really really want it. And there was this quote he mentioned that is by George Bernard Shaw

life quote2

Crafty Wednesdays – Himmeli

I remember the first himmeli I’ve made was in 3rd grade when I joined folk craft group in my school back in Lithuania. It was pretty easy and they looked very beautifully, made out of real hay straws. Well.. this year I decided I will make my own Christmas decorations and I remembered of himmeli I made back in a day. I don’t really have real hay, so I will replace that with just regular drinking straws.




So here is what we will need:

  • drinking straws. I used short black ones that are usually used to stir coffee.
  • needle
  • thicker thread. You want your himmeli to be strong. I had a pretty thin thread so I just folded it in half
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • spray paint (optional). This year my Christmas tree decor theme will be gold and silver. So I used chrome spray paint from

So now you are probably asking what the hell can you do with all this? Well.. I feel like it is best for you to see how it is done.



Ok I give up.. Here is the video. it is not mine and it is in Finish but I feel like it explains better than my pictures. Later when you’re done just spray paint it in any color you want.



Stylish Tuesdays – Black and Gold

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak                                                                                                                      – Rachel Zoe

Black and Gold I think is the most chic and luxurious color combination that can be, in decor and in fashion. So today I want you to feel inspired by these gorgeous and elegant styles.

sweater gold belt

jewlery watch

blk and wht

black hat


gold jewlery

Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside                                                                                                                    – Coco Chanel


Weekend is finally here..

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you have big plans and will enjoy this time off and weekend weather where ever you are. Here in Dallas however everything is frozen…









And what else is there to do in this weather than to enjoy warm home with your loved ones and a nice drink 😉 And here is one delicious recipe you can try.


Blackberry Delight Martini

2 fl.oz. gin

1 fl.oz. blackberry brandy

1 fl.oz. lemon juice

Mix all ingredients with ice in a shaker and strain into martini glass. Enjoy!